“I don’t step into the studio unless I have something worth writing about.”
A. Roth

What makes a flower alive?
Is it still a flower once it wilts away?
When its essence moves along, a part of it grows again. 

broken Iris finds the whole of this process to be essential.

The essence of one’s beauty reaches its peak the moment it dies, its true soundtrack is always lingering in the background.

The ugly parts are the beautiful, and the beautiful parts are mundane.

Bitterness mixed with enlightenment and a dash of ego.

The knowing of not knowing.

Here lays before you: a broken artist, who goes by the name of Iris, and inside his Iris, live many worlds and realities.

broken Iris started with a group of kids in high school—eccentric, dreamers. They could transcribe any life event into a masterpiece. Their very first show was opening up for Dave Matthews in Sacramento in 2003. The original group: Adam Roth (lead singer/ song writer ) Chris Brawley (drums) Orlando Arguinzoni (bass) Tony Verdi (acoustic guitar/ song writer) Alex Ashton (cello). Other members have included: Danny Cocke (bass), and David Christensen (guitar).

Sounds of whimsical ambience, heart opening strings, electronic rock, and cinematic structures; they developed a loyal fanbase around the world. They have even infiltrated the gaming world and were featured in one of the “Halo” soundtracks.

“broken Iris sounds like a micro dose of psilocybin and glass of red wine next to your lover.” —Lilith

The current state of broken Iris, established in 2007 by Adam Roth, is not merely a band…but a movement . Blurring the lines of light and shadows while serenading you with their mystical tones. Upon moving to Asia, Adam met Lilith, who is the newest member of the team. She brought her own slithery, sultry elements to the picture. Together, their mission is to remind this beautiful, chaotic world how to dance in the chaos and be … happy.